Accessible & Ambulant Rooms

Our accessible & ambulant rooms are spacious and have added features to make your stay safe and comfortable.

Spacious rooms
Two external doors

Both of the large, ground floor rooms have space to manouvre and two beds so a carer can stay with you if required. (Accessible - Queen bed 700mm high, Single bed 650mm high, Ambulant - Queen bed 580mm, Single bed 630mm).

Our two external doors provide more flexibility for exploring the property. We also have access ramps to make moving around easier.

(Accessible - Carpark doorway 850mm wide, courtyard doorway 880mm wide, access ramp 1220mm wide.

Ambulant - Carpark doorway 820mm wide, courtyard doorway 880mm wide.)

Close to Reception & Restaurant

Both our Accessible & Ambulant rooms are located an easy walk from Reception and the Fat Chef restaurant.

Open-based dining table

Our ambulant bathroom also has an open-based shower, hand held shower head and a shower chair and hand rails but has a higher vanity for ambulant guests. (Doorway width 820mm)

The dining table in our Accessible room has a clearance of 710mm from the floor and a depth of 350mm.

Ambulant Bathroom
Accessible Bathroom

With an open-based shower, hand held shower head, shower chair and hand rails, and an open-based vanity our bathroom has the features you need to wash in safety and comfort. (Doorway width 850mm)